About Us

Happy Medium — a satisfying compromise; an impossible standard.

Happy Medium Magazine is Binghamton University’s student-run, nonpartisan, politics magazine, chartered by the Student Association.

Happy Medium’s mission is to create a space for all Binghamton University students to respectfully and productively discuss the politics of our nation and world.

One of the fundamental truths when working with public policy is that you can never make everyone happy. In addition to making smart policy decisions, political actors must consider who will be made happy or angry by the outcomes. If someone always feels unheard, then a happy medium cannot be reached. We like to imagine that, somewhere in the middle ground of our increasingly polarized politics, there is a compromise on which we can all agree. However, more often than not, compromise results in further frustration for both sides.

In a democracy, compromise is a requisite of progress. We weigh what we are willing to lose against our potential to gain. This process can give us clarity about what is most important.

Our Team

Editor in Chief
Trevor Fornara

Managing Editor
Briana Lopez-Patino

Marketing Editor
Arwen O’Brien

Political Director
Bryan Goodman

Artistic Director
Alex Vlase

Copy Editor
Amanda Escotto

Writing Team
Renée Agajan
Zach Aleba
Rachael Ali
Sabrina Benchaabane
Matthew Beylinson
Dominic Bossey
Ella Botticelli
Emma Breuer
Joseph Brugellis
Martin Dolan
Emma Galletta
Benji Hoff
Geonha Lim
Colin Mangan
Samuel Marks
Tim Martinson
Chris Morale
Devon Nicholson
Ashley Pickus
Eric Wang
Jenifer Weng
Skylar Yerdon
Martin Ziobron

If you are interested in working with Happy Medium as a writer, copy editor, graphic designer, photographer, or artist, please reach out to us at happymedium@binghamtonsa.org.